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The free service, based in the UK, has enabled fundraising for many causes and often used annually.

An auction may be started in minutes and people invited to contribute a good deed or an item.

Bidders can bid online and then optionally conclude at a live event.

New this month...

It is now extra quick to start an auction for a single promise. Useful if you've just missed an auction!

Auctions can now be participated in by invitation and are optionally open to all.

Promise contributors can now indicate if they would like to do something similar for future fundraisers. Also this month there will be other functionality around this. (this applies to auctions added from today)

How it Works & FAQs

Anyone can start an auction for a registered cause.

Via the service, others may donate promises and place bids until the end of online bidding.

The service provides an auction management facility and tracks progress to your target.

How it Works     FAQs

It's free !

To maximise the funds you raise, we do not take commission or charge for the services.

Instead, new features and running costs are funded by a small amount of advertising.


start an auction

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What's going on...

Over £200 bid so far for 2017 Auction For Friends Of Bottesford Primary School
This auction seeks to raise funds to support Friends of Bottesford Primary School projects.

Priorities for 2017 include playground improvements, subsidising school trips and curriculum themed ...

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17 people bid today at 2017 Auction For Milton Road Primary School Cambridge
The LIVE auction on 13th of Oct 2017, will continue with bidding where the ONLINE bidding finished.

Therefore, if you can`t make it to the live action, bid your highest amount you`d wish to p...

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8 promises added for 2017 Auction Of Promises For Little Paxton School Association
2017 saw the completion of a fantastic extension to our school. But, of course, shiny new buildings and an increased pupil capacity go hand in hand with a need for more resources. Now the LPSA need y...

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2017 Auction For Harriett Platt Appeal Black Tie Affair The Bubble Foundation is in progress
Black Tie Affair Charity Dinner on Saturday 30th September 2017.

Harriett Platt Appeal, fundraising for the Bubble Foundation...

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£2916 raised for 2017 Auction For Getting The North Hereford Branch Of The Pony Club To HOYS
A team of girls from the North Herefordshire Pony Club have won a place at the Horse Of The Year Show (HOYS) to compete for the Prince Phillip Cup in Mounted Games, to be held on October 4-8th 2017 a...

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Romney Marsh Pony Club Mounted Games Team - HOYS 2017 - Auction Of Promise exceeded it's fund target
Romney Marsh Pony Club have achieved the amazing chance to compete at HOYS in October, but need to raise funds to help them get there, please donate promises and bid on those which have already been ...

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£600 raised for 2017 Auction Board At Purley Primary School Fete
Welcome to our online bidding board that will conclude at the Purley Primary School Fete on Saturday 23rd September 2017.

For the first time, we are taking our auction board online so all priz...

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