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The free service, based in the UK, has enabled fundraising for many causes and often used annually.

An auction may be started in minutes and people invited to contribute a good deed or an item.

Bidders can bid online and then optionally conclude at a live event.

New this month...

It is now extra quick to start an auction for a single promise. Useful if you've just missed an auction!

Auctions can now be participated in by invitation and are optionally open to all.

Promise contributors can now indicate if they would like to do something similar for future fundraisers. Also this month there will be other functionality around this. (this applies to auctions added from today)

How it Works & FAQs

Anyone can start an auction for a registered cause.

Via the service, others may donate promises and place bids until the end of online bidding.

The service provides an auction management facility and tracks progress to your target.

How it Works     FAQs

It's free !

To maximise the funds you raise, we do not take commission or charge for the services.

Instead, new features and running costs are funded by a small amount of advertising.


start an auction

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What's going on...

£3461 raised for 2018 Auction For Damers First School
Welcome to our online auction, which lists over 70 exciting lots, allowing you to place a bid ahead of a live auction evening to take place at Damers First School on Thursday 24th May from 7pm, hoste...

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Over £300 bid so far for 2018 Auction For Walking With The Wounded
Charity Auction for Walking with the Wonded...

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31 promises added for 2018 Auction For The Burrow Nursery
Heels Not Hunters
second Annual Bunny Ball

Online auction...

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Over £300 bid so far for Blue Hair Day Auction For Harrison`s Fund 2018
You are invited to bid online in our 2nd Auction of Promises for the great lots generously donated by friends and families of St Martin`s schools and local businesses.

All money raised will go...

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2018 Auction For Roecliffe C Of E Primary School Nurture Centre exceeded it's fund target
Silent Auction...

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£692 raised for 2018 Dream Auction For Broomhill Infant School
Online bids for this Auction have now closed (Friday 11th May 2018 at 4pm). The lots will then be open for further bids at the auction night by attendees.

For each lot, there will be an oppor...

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2018 Auction For St Margarets C Of E Primary School PTA Fund is in progress
This auction is being run by the PTA for St Margarets C of E Primary School in Ifield, Crawley. All funds will be donated to the school in order to provide tablets for each class as well as all weat...

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Over £800 bid so far for 2018 OpEndure Auction For Help For Heroes
Auction of Prizes to run alongside Hockey for Heroes ladies squad attempting 28 games of hockey and 8 military challenges in 8 days to raise funds for Help for Heroes...

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