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How to start an auction?

At the top of the page, the 'Create' menu item includes the option to start an auction.
You are then taken through the necessary steps to get your auction online. Various choices available regarding who can participate in the auction and the timing and how the auction concludes.

Can I change the end date of an auction after it is started?

Yes, the auction administrator can change the end date and also change the other auction options during the auction. Please note that it is a good idea to inform participants of changes.

What happens when the auction ends?

At the end of the online bidding -

- the auction administrator receives a summary of all promises, who the highest bidders were and how much was raised.

- if the auction concludes online (not at a future auction event), then all winning bidders of promises are automatically notified of their winning bid and what the next steps are.

- if the auction concludes at a future auction event, then the auction administrator will use the summary of promises and highest bidders to continue the auction at the event.


Who can add promises?

This depends on whether the auction is by invitation only.
If the auction administrator has chosen the auction to be by invitation only, then only those who received the invitation email may contribute a promise.

It is also possible for the auction administrator to choose that only they can contribute promises.

If you wish to contribute a promise but you find that there is a restriction, you will have an option to contact the administrator regarding this.

How is payment for promises arranged?

The cause page (accessible form the auction page) includes this information.

I have won the bidding on a promise, who should I contact regarding fulfilment of it?

You will be emailed confirmation of the promise and who to contact regarding its fulfilment.
On the promise page there is a link to 'Contact' or 'Ask a question', this can be used to make contact regarding this.

Note that the contributor of the promise will be actioned with contacting you as the winning bidder to arrange fulfilment.


Who can place bids on promises?

This depends on whether the auction is open to all.
If the auction administrator has restricted who can participate (such as specifying that only invitees can contribute promises), then you need to use the auction invitation before you can place a bid.
The auction administrator will distribute the auction invitation to participants as necessary.

Can the winning bidder of a promise be revoked?

The auction administrator has the option to offer the promise to the next highest bidder. However the next highest bidder is not obligated to pay as they had been previously outbid.

Bidding increments

To ensure that bidding progresses at sensible increments, rather than tiny steps (such as 0.01), the following rules apply on the next minimum bid for any lot -

- If the current bid is less than 15.00, then minimum next bid is the next whole 0.50 amount, in steps of 0.50

- If the current bid is less than 50.00, then minimum next bid is the next whole 1.00 amount, in steps of 1.00

- If the current bid is less than 100.00, then minimum next bid is the next whole 2.00 amount, in steps of 2.00

- For higher amounts. The same set of rules apply to the order of magnitude x10, x100 and so on.

Examples -

If the current bid is 3.50, then the next minimum bid is 4.00. This is because the next whole 0.50 step is 4.00 after 3.50

if the current bid is 185.00, then the next minimum bid is 190.00. This is because the next whole 10.00 step is 190.00 after 180.00

Is there a bidding limit?

Yes, the maximium bid for any lot is 999999.99


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